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Posted by ezmobius Mon, 10 Apr 2006 04:28:00 GMT

I’m proud to announce the Workshop For Good Rails class I am teaching.

It is a two day intensive workshop teaching Ruby on Rails. I will be teaching it along with Jeff Casimir and Amy Hoy of slash7 fame.

The workshop will take place Saturday, May 20th and Sunday, May 21st from 9AM to 5PM. All activities will take place at the César Chávez Public Charter High School Capitol Hill campus at 709 12th Street SE, Washington, DC, 20003.

This workshop is cool because all proceeds go to benefit the César Chávez Public Charter School. This is an underfunded public high school in DC.

I am donating my time to teach the class because I believe in helping out where I can. The two day workshop is only $400($200 for students) So it is a bit cheaper then other rails workshops I see going on. If you can make it to DC in late May please do. The class is targeted at beginner/intermediate Railers. But I promise to cover whatever you want to see if you are already more advanced with rails.

This is a great cause so please people, link to this site or blog about it a bit would you? I would love to sell out and give this high school as much funds as we can ;-)


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  1. Jeff Casimir said 2 days later:
    Thanks Ezra! I've been shooting off some emails for sponsorships, blog pimpage, etc. I am psyched that we've got the first attendee signed up already. I am crossing my fingers that registration gets filled up quickly and we can turn 100% of our attention to developing the content & materials. You should see my students faces when we talk about people paying $400 for a two day class. Even though that's cheap for a workshop, it blows their mind. One of my computer science students said "I like your class and stuff but not for $400." Hah!
  2. Vince W said 6 days later:
    I am so bummed that I will be out of town when this goes down.. I hope this one is successful enough to warrant a follow-up session in the fall!

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