Slides from my Mongrel/Merb talk

Posted by ezmobius Mon, 23 Apr 2007 15:35:00 GMT

Here are the slides form my talk on Custom Mongrel Hanlders and Merb at the SDForum Rubyconf this past weekend. There was video shot that I hope will be posted soon. The slides don’t show the entire story as I did a bunch of live benchmarks and some hacking and code exploring, but you can get the idea.

Mongrel: Learning how to walk the dog

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  1. Strass said 18 minutes later:
    As Mongrel (and Merb) are more thread-safe than Rails, are Comet applications easier to develop with Merb ? (yes, maybe it's a very dumb question)
  2. andre said about 12 hours later:
    How hard would it be to port Merb's router to Rails? Or make Rails thread-safe? I guess pretty hard, else someone would have done it already :P
  3. cwills said 2 days later:
    ezra...any ETA on the mr blog sample app? i'm gonna start rolling my own this weekend..but a nice sample app would be nice! keep up the good work!
  4. ezra said 2 days later:
    @Strass- I've never had a reason to do comet apps yet so Im by far not an expert. But you are probably better of with somehting like eventmachine or jugernaught for comet apps. as mongrel does not likek to have long open sockets very much and merb is very integrated into mongrel.
    @andre- porting merbs router to rails may be possible but it doesnt support all the features of rails router, namely it doesn not do any route generation yet , only recognition. As far as making rails thread safwe, it';s a very l;arge undertaking at this point. It was easier to start from scratch
    @cwillis- unfortunatley i have had time recently to work on mrblog. But if you wanted to use what I have as a strating point then I woudl love to have some heklp finishing it. email me if your interested.
  5. Steven said 8 days later:
    Hi Ezra, Once of my friends saw your talk at the SDForum. He said you showed an example mongrel handler for handling secure file uploads/downloads. I looked through your slides but couldn't find the code. Would you mind posting the code here?

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